My newest experiment is to equip our cottage with Temperature and Humidity sensors. The reason being that

  1. (the main reason) the sensors also sends daily battery voltage. Hence I'll always the sensors condition.
  2. I would like to measure the humidity at two or more places inside the cottage. Hence I hope to measure the air flow through the cottage.
  3. I would measure the temperature in the cellar. Hence how good an idea is it to use the cellar as the refrigerator.

An additional advantage could be that I also will have the possibility to measure the temperature at the nearest mountain top (approx. 700m above sea level) and down by the road (at approx. 400m above sea level).

The intended mounting place of the sensors as depicted below.

For this purpose I chose the sensors and Radio from WirelessThings.net¹. These utilise the free 848MHz band, and a 128-byte strong encryption. They contained either a CR2032 or a ½ AA battery. This means that the sensors has a battery life time of between 5 to 10 years, and a range of between 2 to 3 km.

¹:, previous Ciseco. A Nottingham based IoT pioneer that had been in business since 2009, and was deployed by e.g. Microsoft and London Zoo. In 2015 WirelessThings was acquired by 365Agile, which a year later decided that IoT wasn't their core business anymore. Therefore, Sept. 8th 2016 was the closing date of WirelessThings.